Schedules of Condition 


IIED - London WC1


Route One were instructed by this charity to undertake a full building survey and schedule of condition on new central London premises.


As part of the survey numerous remedial works including both internal and external items were identified and negotiated with the landlord as part of the overall deal to minimise the charities lease liabilities moving forward.


Following successful negotiations Route One were subsequently instructed to represent IIED in respect of dilapidations claims on their existing premises. In this situation conditional break clauses needed to be identified and strictly complied with in order to ensure they were not frustrated by the landlords.  By engaging the landlords in early dialogue regarding the dilapidations, Route One were able to agree the specification of repair work with the landlord well in advance of the break dates.


Other Charities Route One has represented include United Response (dilapidations advice) and Architects Benevolent Fund (Party Wall matters).