Seven Publishing Group - Sea Containers House

Seven Publishing seek professionalism and reliability in the management of our fit out projects. Following the successful acquisition of Squared Publishing and the subsequent relocation to Sea Containers House, we retained Tim Brock as the lead Project Manager on the strength of previous projects he has completed on behalf of the Group.

In this instance the project design needed to improve on the existing congested office environment and to open up the floor, increasing the natural light into the space. Tim’s design successfully delivered extensive improvement to the area despite having to work within tight budgetary constraints. He has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to effect high impact solutions without breaking the budget balance.

As a result of such projects we have learnt the importance of having overall budgetary control of the project, including furniture, IT and move management. Tim has a positive responsiveness to change and has the ability to incorporate the same within tight time and programme parameters.

Tim’s ability to successfully control and deliver all of our fit out projects over the past 6 years means we would not hesitate in recommending his services.

Mike Potter
Chairman Seven Publishing, March 2008