Project Management

No two commercial fit-out projects are ever the same and therefore depth of experience in this field is crucial to overall project success.

Team selection is of paramount importance. Route One brings together all parties from service engineers to interior designers, CDM Coordinators, architects, and experienced Contractors to produce a cohesive team; implicit in achieving successful completion of a project.

We aim to ensure that the correct professionals are appointed to work on the right schemes. Our team of professionals have the ability to develop a succinct and focused client brief reflective of the project drivers, which is able to deliver across the board within clearly defined parameters.

Key Client Drivers:

Budget Time Design aesthetics Flexibility – expansion and contraction.

Our experience within the industry enables all facets of a modern fit-out to be planned and managed in a single all-encompassing package:

  • All design – including general space planning
  • Furniture procurement
  • Specialist lighting solutions
  • Bespoke joinery – design and procurement
  • Specialist IT and Mechanical Engineer
  • Bespoke artwork and sculpture
  • Computer generated imagery (think you need to put a few more of the standard PM R&Rs in here e.g Client brief, management for team – the less technical / design elements)

Service packages can range from fundamental project management advice and control through to full turnkey design and project management appointments, dependant on client preferences and project characteristics.
Extensive specialist experience in the corporate occupier market means that we are aware of the common pitfalls of the sector, enabling us to mitigate these risks, thus more effectively protecting our clients.
A comprehensive set of project management tools are in place to facilitate close control of programmes and budgets, which are tailored accordingly to suit the size and nature of each individual project.

Route One can assist in the selection of suitable contractors with adequate and appropriate resource to successfully deliver projects.. The selection of a robust and able contractor is a crucial project process that can often be overlooked. At Route One this is therefore considered a priority.

Specific experience in the fit-out market principally involves corporate occupier fit-outs ranging in contract value from £50,000 to £3.5 million. Experience also extends to larger development base-build fit-out works involving full project management and project monitoring services.

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“Maximising the space for the client needs and helping to provide bespoke finishes is a key driver to a successful fit out”

“Route One is able to work with preferred furniture suppliers to ensure that function and form works within the proposed space”

“One of the keys to good design is to understand the space and work with existing finishes such as base build lighting and ceilings”

“We understand the importance of first impressions and the key to reception design”

“Control and implementation of quality finishes helps to personalise a project”

“Integrating technology and ensuring this fits within the environment”

“Bespoke finishes ensure that entrances are grand and memorable”

“Good use of artwork and furniture helps to personalise a space”

“Bring in seating areas for breakout or informal meeting areas to softer working areas - Sea Containers”

“Incorporating workable spaces efficiently within the constraints of the building - Sea Containers”